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Red Line Land are specialists in obtaining planning permission. We have a first class professional team with over 25 years in planning and development.
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We undertake each aspect of the development process ourselves so oversea the process the every step of the way.

Red Line Lands specialist expertise spans from identifying and acquiring sites with development potential, negotiating with owners and planners, organising architects, gaining planning permission and marketing sites to sell.

Our in-house team includes architects, researchers, planning agents and property developers who can be trusted to make the most of each site carefully managing each and every aspect of the process with a personal approach to each site.

Your requirements will be reviewed and you will be partnered with a consultant who specializes in your area. We pride ourselves in being able to tailor-make the deal to suit your requirements and still provide you with the best value.

We are based in the Berkshire area and have 25 years of experience. We offer this service across the whole of the South West and South West of England so we can assure you that you will be receiving the best advice and service out there.

If you wish to ask us some questions or speak to one of our team then please get in touch

What we do

Red line land specialise in in obtaining planning permission tailored your requirements. We are so confident of our abilities that we pay all application fees and only take a profit on competition of planning permission making it completely risk free for you and your family.

How you can help

We are constantly on the look out for new development projects and whether it is land/property of your own, family member or simply a neighbour or local land/property that you are aware of. Not only do we pay a finders fee for any new projects that we take on but also you can assist the positive development and economic boost of your local areas. You benefit, your area benefits.

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Visit our contact page to make further enquiries or send us details of possible land acquisition.

Your details and enquiry will be received and treated in strict confidence. We never trade or reveal your private information to third parties.

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